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Who were the Sinnetts - 'I Remember, I Remember' Who Were The SinneWs?...
'I Remember, I Remember' Who Were The SinneWs? Oy Minnit Hit Moody ; Three houses on College Street, Granville, in the block between between Prospect and Main Streets, are long-ago long-ago long-ago homes of the Sinnett family. The Granville Library, on the south side of Broadway, stands on the site of the former home of Dr. Edwin Sinnett, with the house itself moved to Jhe rear and now standing standing in Ubrary Court Dr. Sinnett's later home Is the handsome stone house atop Mt. Parnassus, now the home, of Mr. and Mrs. M. Mi Shoemaker. Dr. Sinnett built the house in facsimile facsimile of a manor house which caught his fancy one day when he was traveling in the north of England. i ", ; Newcomers ask me, "Where did all these Sinnetts come from?" Well, they have been here just about as long as there has been a Granville, for the first local Sinnett, James, arrived with his family on Nov. 20, 1805, in the fourth of those various companies I mentioned the other day as coming to settle Granville Granville Just 160 years ago. Please don't think that I am disregarding disregarding the third company, for I shall return to it later. ' . -',' -',' Convicted Slayer Gives Himself Up YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (AP)-A (AP)-A (AP)-A convicted slayer accused of entering a Youngstown home and shooting three members of a family is held without bond after pleading innocent to a charge of first degree-murder degree-murder degree-murder and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. The charges were filed against George Gavin, 36, of Youngstown, Monday just an hour before he surrendered to a parole officer, saying he was afraid someone would shoot him. His preliminary hearing has been set for Nov. -23. -23. Gavin is charged with the Slaying of Mrs. Jennie Lozoway, 44, and the wounding of her son, George, 15, and her daughter, daughter, Donna, 17. Police said he held the Lozoway family at gunpoint gunpoint for nearly two hours after Mrs. Lozoway was shot last Thursday night, ignoring pleas to take her to a hospital. Gavin gave himself up to parole parole officer Frank Singletory. Police said he admitted being in the Lozoway home Thursday night and being in a scuffle. Police said Gavin apparently apparently had gone to the Lozoway nome because he was angry with Donna, who had dated him until last April but had spurned him recently. .v., Ponce said Gavin was con victed of killing a liquor store operator at Providence, R. I., in 1950 and was paroled in 1963. Same Weapon In Murders LONDON, Ohio (AP) - The same weapon killed two filling station attendants slain in Cen tral , Ohio . six weeks apart, state ballistics tests confirm Results of the tests at the! Ohio Bureau of Criminal Inves tigation here bear out author ities' suspicions that the same person murdered Chester Jo seph Scowden, 19, and Claude F. Quesenberry, 41. Scowden was fatally shot through the head in Columbus Oct. 2 and Quesenberry met a similar fate near West Jeffer son Nov. 11. Borden Gets Extension NEW YORK (AP)-The (AP)-The (AP)-The Bor den Co. has been given six more months to dispose of six subsidiaries subsidiaries as ordered by the Fed eral Trade Commission. The FTC issued the order in April 1964, with an 18-month 18-month 18-month deadline for Borden to sell eight sub sidiaries, but it has found FTC approved buyers for only two. including Fanners Dairy Man agement, Inc., Hamilton, Ohio. James Sinnett was born Dec. 12, 1760, and died Dec. 14, 1810, aged 50 years. His grave is No. 820 in the Old Colony Burying Ground, and his tombstone inscription reads: "Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh." Evidently he died suddenly, "v --tt --tt --tt James Sinnett migrated to Granville from Blandford, Mass., but he had formerly lived on an island off the coast of Maine. His wife was Polly (Mary Elizabeth) Isham. They were marled marled there. His wife's name was Mahepsibah and she came from Boston, but we do not know her maiden surname. But to go farther back, the Sinnetts were Irish, from County County Wexford. Living on the seacoast, young Robert Sinnett was captured by a British press gang and delivered to the navy. In 1715 he escaped and went to Boston. In 1750 he was living in Hopkinton, Mass.', where he was excommunicated from his own church for attending services in another church in the same town. He moved to Blandford, Mass., in 1733 and is hurried hurried in 1788 and with seven of their nine children made the journey to Granville by oxcart James bought the second largest acreage of the colony, 100 acres, paying for it $1,673. Robert and Mahepsibah had four children: Robert, Hepzi-bah, Hepzi-bah, Hepzi-bah, James and John. Of Robert Jr. and his sister, Hepzibah, there is little record beyond the dates of their birth. John died at age 39, in 1775, and as both he and his brother, James, took' part in the Crown Point Expedition in May of that year, we may assume that John perished in the expedition, as his record stops there and the dates coincide. He served under Col. Nobel and held Pew 30 in the Blandford Church such are the scant facts we know, except that he married Margaret McCreelus and had five children, of whom the oldest was the James Sinnett Sinnett who came to Granville in 1805. Of James and Polly's' nine children, the oldest, John Sin-net, Sin-net, Sin-net, born 1791, died in Granville Sept. 15, 1813, aged 22 years. His grave is No. 818 in the Old Colony Burying Ground and his tombstone verse reads: "Brother: thou art gone to rest, Thy toils and cares are o're, And sorrow, pain and suffering now Shall ne'er distress thee more." The widowed Polly evidently lost two other young sons by death: James Jr., aged 16, and Lothrop, aged 12, whose graves are No. 816 and No. 817 in the burying ground. They must have been six and four years of age when they made the long trip to Granville by oxcart. The second son, Allen Sinnett, married Nancy Blanchard and had eight children, among them the Charles and John Allen Allen Sinnett whom I mentioned the other day in this column, and Dr. Edwin Sinnett, whom I mention often. John Allen Sinnett's Sinnett's oldest son was William Hugh Sinnett, who was killed in June, 1880, when he fell from an excursion car bearing a crowd of Granville people to an ice cream social in Alexandria soon after the partial completion of the railroad tracks (later T. & 0. C.) between the two towns. William Sinnett's granddaughter, granddaughter, Mabel Richards James (Mrs. Frank James) of Ohio 37, Lancaster Road, Granville, kindly gave me some of these facts from a genealogy of the Sinnett family recently compiled by a California kinsman of hers. He informs her that the original spelling of the name Sinnett was "Synagh," and that further variations of the name include Synnot, Sinnet, Synnett and Sinnott. ; . ; ..'.., a

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  2. 17 Nov 1965, Wed,
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